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The FHR Advantage!

Fontana Heights Residences is a well-planned subdivision in an elevated vantage point. It is complete with prefab fences, gated entrance, speed humps and a 24 hour security to provide you with ease of mind. The generous road width coupled with sidewalk strips ensure smooth movement of both vehicles and pedestrian.

The FHR community also has a flood control system (storm drainage), not only for the benefit of the owners, but also for the neighboring communities. Poured rain water is collected through a series of systems first captured in the rain water tanks through a rain water catchment system. Water in these tanks can be used for domestic purposes, saving water and ultimately the owner’s finances. Overflowing water lead to catch basins that temporarily holds water within each housing unit. These then is transferred to drainage manholes as it fills up shared by a block of housing units. Again, holding the water temporarily. Lastly, the water fills up the drainage manholes and moves to what we call Infiltration Basins. These basins ascertain that water do go back to the aquifers below. This is essential since the source of water in the subdivision come from within Fontana Heights Residences. Overflows lead to large Storm Water Detention Ponds that holds water before it is ever released in a series of large culverts leading to a creek. The level of attention and planning put into this provides confidence in the home owners that the community and its surrounding neighbors, is flood free.

“What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?”
Henry David Thoreau, Familiar Letters

The FHR community also takes into account the environment. Aside from having intensive flood control systems, the community also have a waste water treatment system that safeguards the community from harmful effluents possibly coming from the subdivision. Although waste is plainly domestic in nature, Alpa Land, Inc. did not compromise on these. Waste from individual units are stored temporarily on individual septic tanks located in each housing units. These septic tanks are collected into the Anaerobic Baffled Reactor Systems. These are large treatment facilities spread throughout the subdivision. Effluence are treated in these before released into the subdivision’s sewer lines.

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