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The FHR Advantage!

Fontana Heights Residences is a well-planned subdivision in an elevated vantage point. It is complete with prefab fences, gated entrance, speed humps and a 24 hour security to provide you with ease of mind. The generous road width coupled with sidewalks strips ensure smooth movement of both vehicles and pedestrian.


Lot area : 100 sqm.
Floor area : 70.8 sqm.
3 bedroom
3 toilet and bath
2 car park

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Lot area : 70 sqm.
Floor area : 56.5 sqm.
3 bedroom
2 toilet and bath
1 car park

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Lot area : 55 sqm.
Floor area : 52.6 sqm.
2 bedroom
2 toilet and bath
1 car park

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Minutes away from the heart of the city

It is a 2.1 hectare project strategically located within the City of Mandaue.

Fontana Heights Residences is a well-planned subdivision in an elevated vantage point.

The designs are modern, and Asian inspired. True to the Filipino values, the designs enshrine practicality without compromising on elegance. All housing units include parking area and utility area. They are designed as well to optimize airflow and all quarters have ventilation, both for air conditioning and natural air. Using only established brands, the housing units are finished with top quality materials. Be it the lavatory, hard wood doors or tiles, the materials are uncompromising in its quality and reliability.

FHR fields a Multipurpose Covered Court, sporting games like basketball, badminton, or volleyball. In addition to this, there will be patches of parks and playgrounds distributed in the community.

Security is of prime importance in the community. Aside from a reinforced prefab perimeter fence, the gated community has 24/7 security. All areas are well lit and sidewalk strips are installed, ensuring safe pedestrian movement. All areas are engineered to be straightforwardly accessible by emergency response personnel and vehicles, with well-placed fire hydrants and wide road access.

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